Thai Food Dinner in Overseas Union Garden (OUG)

Kin Thai Restaurant is one of the best Thai food in Kuala Lumpur (KL), the tom yum at the restaurant is super delicious and the fish is super fresh. I love the fried prawn with the sauce, it resembles Thai food in Thailand. Loving the environment and people coming Kin Thai to celebrate their birthday and special occasion. Kin Thai dining experience is one of the top-tier experiences in OUG which is beside Sri Petaling. Tasting the natural coconut with Thai Cuisine will bring you back to the time of your childhood and hometown life. It’s the best place to get away from the busy city of Kuala Lumpur. The best time to come Kin Thai Restaurant is during the dinner time which is located in Taman OUG. The environment is super nice for dinning and it will be one of the best place for me to go to for dinner.

Kin Thai Signature Thai Style Steam Fish

Lunch (7:30pm – 8am): A meal on our 1st Friday afternoons are always excellent! We tried a variety dishes including beef tikka masala curry, naan bread pudding, boiled eggs, egg soup and macaroni salad served up by Chef Yerlina Syahud. If we wanted something slightly different or simply fancier than what was available here then definitely try this lunch spot – even though there were 2 tables for us all together so finding space would be challenging as everyone shared three chairs across the table but overall an enjoyable night out that includes many great eats included two amazing vegetarian dessert

Thai Style Fried Tiger Prawn that only exist at Kin Thai Restaurant
Thai Street Food called Moo Bing at Kin Thai
Potrait of happy bearded barista at work in coffe shop
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