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We are a small corner lot restaurant at Taman Overseas Union Garden (OUG) in Kuala Lumpur. Here we offer you the best and most satisfying Thai cuisine. Bringing the contemporary Thai cuisine to our restaurant. We can be considered as the Best Thai Restaurant in our areas. Kin Thai, the traditional word called “KIN” is to eat or consume. Then eventually “THAI” means Thai Food in a Thai restaurant. In Kuala Lumpur, we often called it as Kin Thai together for the easier term and slang output. 

Frequently Asked Question

Kin Thai Restaurant is a Non-Halal restaurant. 

Yes. Please check out our delivery option and we are the best thai food delivery in KL.

Our innovative dishes combined the blend of fusion and modern Thai dishes, presenting their creations as a feast not only for your palate but also for your eyes. Kin Thai strives to be relevant by constantly revolutionising to fit customers’ evolving tastes without straying too far from the fusion of the original dishes; serving you a memorable, gastronomical and enjoyable culinary journey here at Kin Thai OUG.

The Environment and the spacious surrounding to enjoy your Thai cuisine and food in our restaurant in KL. Thai hospitality is a crucial component for your dining experience at Kin Thai. Everyone deserves the pampering of getting the best Thai food in town. 

Traditional Thai inspire the design of the interior of the restaurant. It portrays the vibrant and mesmerising atmosphere at Kin Thai Oug. 

Best Thai Restaurant KL

Making our dishes affordable and tasty is our greatest responsibility.

Suitable for Malaysian’s taste and getting the best value to celebrate your most important events of life here at our restaurant. KL Foodie also featuring KIN THAI on their Facebook page for the great Spicy Tom Yum and many more Thai Food in the restaurant.

In the popular enclave of Taman OUG, there’s this restaurant called Kin Thai serving top Thai flavours in an intimate and cosy dining environment. A fusion restaurant which offers top-notch Asian dishes with a menu that bounces between traditional and the more extravagant. Their staffs treat their customers spanning every age group with congeniality.  Do sample some of our restaurant’s more extraordinary dishes.

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KL Thai Restaurant Goals

Delicious thai cuisine pad thai

Good Vibes

Bring Family & Friends Together

Good food is so ingrained in our social landscape that it’s hard to imagine any kind of gathering without it. Think about it – most birthday or family gatherings include a meal that is served every year. Food is tied to our tradition; food is tied to our memories, and many people don’t realize the importance of food as a way to bring people together. We aim to bring people together with our Thai cuisine so that you can get the holiday mood even you are in your own country.