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Reviewing the Best Thai food in OUG, KL, is where you can get super delicious thai food at OUG in 2023.

Where is Kin Thai located?

It is located at OUG which is one of the main townships alongside Old Klang Road. The full address of Kin Thai is No 66, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. The location is hidden from the main road of Jalan Awan Besar. However, it is convenient for travellers from all over Kuala Lumpur to access Kin Thai at OUG. OUG is also in the southern part of Kuala Lumpur which is surrounded by 3 main highways that are MEX, Kesas and NPE.

What kind of OUG food is recommended to order at Kin Thai?

If you are finding OUG food it must be Kin Thai because their Thai food is one of the best in town and you must come and try it out.

Moo Ping (Thai Grill Pork Stick)

by Leonardy Huang

Kin Thai’s Grill Pork Sticks are one of the best selling and most favourite side dish for Thai cuisine in OUG. It tastes very juicy and tender pork will make you drool all over your mouth. This dish is one of the must-order dishes at Kin Thai OUG. Usually, it serves together with the homemade Thai chilli sauce which makes it tastes even more like Thai street food in Thailand. It serves in skewers and looks like extra larger satay and is worth trying in your life. Do not miss this opportunity where you can get delicious grill pork skewer, Moo Ping, at Kin Thai, OUG.

Thai Milk Tea

Please do not forget to order the best of the best drinks in Kin Thai which is their Iced Thai Milk Tea. Every time the customers come here will order Thai Milk Tea which is cheaper, tastier and better. It is believed to be the best brew tea in the area OUG, it is served only at Kin Thai. Kin Thai’s Thai Milk Tea is a Chef recommended product. Love the taste and the sweetness is just nice that you can get the most out of Thai tea. The Thai Milk Tea is brewed with high-quality ingredients which are imported from Thailand.

Kin Thai’s Signature Tom Yum Namkon Talay (Seafood)

Signature Thai Tom Yum Namkon Talay

OUG food is popular and it mostly attracts local customers to eat and dine-in there. Kin Thai also have attracted most of the nearby customers from areas like Sri Petaling, Old Klang Road, Kucai Lama and Bukit Jalil to try out their Creamy Tom Yum. Kin Thai’s signature dish is recommended by the Chef. The soup is super flavourful and the tom yum is very strong. However, it is perfectly mixed with coconut milk and seafood. The amount is generous and the seafood version is super worth the value. It is best to taste the soup with the fire still burning the hotpot. Some ingredients of the soup base are also can be found in the soup like lemongrass, onion and etc. It is simple to order and it goes well with rice too.

Thai Omelette Minced Shrimps (Khai Jiao)

by Day deSIANG

One of the OUG food you can get at Kin Thai is their fried egg. It is also known to be the “BOMB EGG” because of its crispiness and fillings. It is the most unique Thai style fried egg you can get in Kuala Lumpur. The egg has its own special because it is fried at high temperatures and the texture is so nice and crispy. It is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. The dishes origin is often mistaken as a breakfast item due to the English designation “omelette,” Khai Jiao is generally regarded by the Thai people as a rice topper to create a complete meal or a member of an all-out Sam Rap (family-style multi-dish feast) to complement a sour dish or take the edge off a chilli relish.

Squid with Butter Egg

by kit lim

Next, it is the seafood series that you cannot miss which is the squid. For people who like squid, it is good news for them to taste fresh squid fried butter egg which is golden butter egg and crispy squid together. The dish is the most recommended seafood dish other than the signature fish. It should be every Malaysian’s favourite and the taste is superb.

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